Minseok, your age is showing. 

안귀여워 (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ

+ kris q


oh sehun's scarf dance
+ sehun q

thank you for the close-up chanyeol-ah ~ (♥ε♥)


suho and his undone button

+ suho


kyungsoo’s face when the claw machine wouldn’t cooperate with him


these two are unstoppable

hhhhhhohhhhihihihihihihihihiholhoheoa hahahalahahahahohahahahahahahoho ol lohahalalaaala a aalaaaaaalaaaaa alahuhuhuhuhuheuheu hhihihihihehehe ehehehehehehyohyohyohyohyo ya hyo hyohyohyo ryoryoryoryeoyeo ryeoryeol

Thank you so much for congratulating me on my birthday. 
It was a really happy day.
As soon as the clock went ‘ding dong’ at midnight, I had a party with the members~
I want to upload a picture from the party but…

I really really really enjoyed it~
Today…….. I saw what Tao hyung wrote…..
Goosebumps.. goosebumps……. hehe

It’s really great how a lot of people congratulated me. Really
To the people whose birthday is today, happy birthday~
Have a great day~

Oh! Since we’re making a comeback soon, please prepare to love it a lot~ hehe
We worked hard to prepare it~

trans: fy-exo | source: exo-k’s official website
please take out with credits.

miranda kerr’s personally handwritten birthday message for sehun (noonaplanet knew someone who asked miranda to write a message)

Don't Go - Kyungsoo